Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book week ::: Day 3

peter og ulven1

When I was a little girl Iwas a member of the Donald Duck bookclub. It still exsist, but I think it's more commercial now whit just book about the latest Disney films, so my kids has not been members. I like the old classic ones with Sleeping Beauty, Snowwhite, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood and so on. You can buy some of the old books here ;)
One of my favorite books from this club is Peter og ulven or Peter and the wolf. A classic folktale from Russia. I don't know if these books from this bookclub is available in english. maybe there is a similar bookclub out there?

peter og ulven2

The book is about Peter who lives in a forest in Russia with his grandad.
He is not allowed to play in the forest because it's full of wolves.

peter og ulven3

But one morning he sneeks out before his grandad is awake. He has desided that he will go huting for wolves.
On the way he meets the bird Sasja, the duck Sonja and the cat Ivan.

peter og ulven4

Suddenly a wolf appears. They climb up in a tree, but the duck Sonja runs into some bushes with the wolf in her heels. Peter and the two others think the wolf has eaten her so they get very sad.

peter og ulven5

They manage to tie a rope around the wolfs tail and hangs him up in the tree.

peter og ulven6

The bird Sasja flies out for help and the hunters can't believe their eyes when they see the wolf. They want to kill him, but Peter wants the wolf to be taken to the zoo. And Sonja is alive, she managed to hide in the bushes.

There has been made a cartoon about this story too ;)

But I also like this animated version!


  1. I have never seen/read the book but as a child me and my siblings watched the disney animated version many times :)

  2. This was one of my favorite books/cartoons as a kid. I loved it! How funny that, even though we're a million miles away, kids seem to love the same things.

  3. Jeg liker også denne boken!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!! Savne!!! de bøkene er konge, tusen takk for linken!! skal holde utkikk etter dem på bruktsjappene her omkring også skal jeg....!! Håper du og dine har det superflott!!!! og så stemmer vi for masse mere sne, ja? Gubben og jeg planlegger å gi hverandre nye ski til jul :D

  5. They do have these books in other languages. Here in The Netherlands we have these books in Dutch. I don't know if Peter and the Wolf was available here.

    As a child we did have the music record so we could here the story and music. I remember only how sad I found this story.


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