Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4th pair of socks in Socktober

4th pair of soctober sock

I made these for Eirin, but she doesn't want them... Hmmm, maybe they are not pink enough *lol* So I guess they will end up as a x-mas present or I'll try to sell them on a christmas fair next month. We'll see ;)
I have knitted them from the toe up to make sure I had enough yarn. I have used leftovers from these socks.
Pattern: My own, 36 st, k2, p1.
Yarn: OnLine Supersocke Fantasy color #1013
Needles: 3mm

dishcloth swap1

And lucky me found this in the mailbox today :)
I have been participating in a dishcloth swap at the European knitters group at Ravelry.
I have swaped package with Nicsknot. Thank you so much! There was two beautiful dishclothes, tea, chocolate, some shampoo/conditioner samples and a ball of yarn.

pink dishclothred dishcloth

And these are the two dishcloths I made for her.
Patterns: My own
Yarn: Mor Aase cotton for the pink one at the top and Gjestal bomull sport for the one on the bottom. I know it looks more pink than red, bad light when I took the pictures...
Needles: 3mm


  1. You sure are fast with the knitting! My son would love those socks, he loves everything bright!

  2. Would you share the st pattern for the 2nd cloth? Its so cute!

    And love your package. I am knitting with Freedom Spirit at the moment and it is so soft

  3. The socks are adorable. Too bad she won't wear them. My kids won't wear most of the stuff I knit :( Those washcloths are fantastic. Great gift idea. Have a great day!

  4. Skal du delta på julemesse? Så spennende! Kjempefine ting duhar laget, og koselig med en swap.

  5. Sokkene ble flotte de, men det rosa glimret nok med sitt fravær ja. I rette alderen er det jo bare ROSA som gjelder, men det er nok noen andre som blir glade for dem. :o)

  6. guro: husflidslaget skal ha en liten julemesse i midten av nov, så det er mulig jeg tar med et par ting og prøver å se om jeg får noe solgt ;)

  7. fabulous socks! anyone you gift those to will LOVE them.
    i love your dishcloths. and their wonderful design!


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