Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sideway socks

sideway socks1

A couple of years ago when I first saw nonaKnits' sideway socks (ravelry link) I fell in love immediately! I even casted on for a pair, but never got the hang of the pattern... But then Drops came up with a similar pattern :)

sideway socks4

I like these socks a lot, but they got a bit to loose around my legs. So I guess I could have skipped a couple of the short rows.

sideway socks3

I like the heels,

sideway socks2

but the toes are not pretty. I think nonaKnits' socks have a much prettier toe! So I think I'll give her pattern a new try, because I really like the idea of these socks :)

sideway socks5

Pattern: DROPS socks knitted in garter sts sideways.
Yarn: 150 g Viking of Norway Frøyagarn # 772.
Needles: 2,5 mm


  1. artige sokkar! den måten å strikke sokkar på gav ein skikkeleg flott effekt!


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