Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Storm on the way...

The weather has gone from -16 C (yesterday) to 1 C, rain and a storm today. The storm (strong gale) Ask is hitting Northern Norway later tonight. Hopefully the kids will be safe and sound in bed sleeping when it comes our way. Right now it's quiet before the storm, but it's raining so much that it's leaking in one of our window in the living room :(
We have light some candles in case the power will go out. I doubt it will, but it makes it cosy anyway :) And I have casted on for a new project ;)

(26/365) Casting on for a new project

Eirin is hard to please when it comes to handknits.... I've been asking her several times about knitting her a new sweater or jacket since the one she wears now is getting too small. But she refuses all of my suggestions *sigh* So you can imagine my surprise when she wanted me to knit this vest!!

She even wanted me to knit her a hat from a ball of glittering, red acrylic yarn. I'm not sure she will wear it much though... Everything itches if you ask her.
Pattern: 112 st, k2, p2
Yarn: 50 g red and a small amount of white Plus silver from Idena (discontinued).
Needles: 3 mm


  1. I love that vest!

    We still have -22. I really hope that it warms up a bit, -22 is too cold for the baby to be outside. :)

  2. At least knitting requires no electricity if your power does go out! I hope it warms up a bit for you 1 degree?? Yikes!

  3. I love that vest!! I want to knit it for me niece, it is so sweet. We have crazy weather here, very windy and so much rain the snow has all melted and all the creeks and rivers are flooded. Be safe.

  4. OH you must be so excited to make that vest! When I first saw that pattern, I thought to myself "I want one!"

    Too cute!

  5. Cute vest! It's just adorable. Love the hat, too. I was one of those kids who thought everything was too itchy (and I still do), so I can relate to your daughter. I knit mainly with cotton or bamboo because it's nice and soft.

  6. Fin vest, men fin lue også. Håper den ikke klør alt for mye.

  7. Very cute vest. No wonder she wants it. My kids never want what I want to make. They always come up with some other idea. That's ok though, it's all knitting!

  8. I can't even tell you how much I love that vest!!! I just queued it! Gasp! Adorable. I hope the storm doesn't hit too hard. I love a good storm but not when it takes the electricity out and freezes everything in its path.

  9. Sounds like you are keeping warm, pretty hat. xx


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