Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On the needles :: Winterland

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What's on your needles today?


Knitting: I meant to knit the Winterland mittens for my mom for christms, but I didn't manage to finish them in time. Instead she is getting them on her birthday that is coming soon.
I'm also knitting on a pair of stripy socks for my sister. The pattern is just a 2x2 rib.

Reading: I've wanted to read In the Land of the Long White Cloud just because the cover was so pretty. But the story is good and I try to just read a few chapter each night to make it last longer ;)
Do you pick a book just because of it's cover??
Hardworking London governess Helen Davenport longs for a family of her own but knows the prospect of finding a suitable husband grows dimmer each year. Then she spots an advertisement seeking wives for the churchgoing bachelors of colonial New Zealand and begins an affectionate correspondence with a gentleman farmer. Meanwhile, not far away in Wales, society life bores Gwyneira Silkham, beautiful, daring daughter of a wealthy sheep breeder. She finds an unexpected escape when her father loses a blackjack hand to a mysterious New Zealand baron and Gwyn's hand in marriage goes to the baron's son. The women cross paths on the ship to Christchurch Helen traveling steerage, Gwyn first class and form an unlikely friendship, one they'll rely on when the husbands awaiting them turn out very different than they'd imagined. This nineteenth-century saga of two unforgettable young women navigating a new world and finding friendship, romance, and adventure at every turn is as lush and sweeping as the hills of New Zealand themselves.

mittens for mom



  1. My eyes are usually caught by a good looking cover.

  2. I read the inside flap or the back to see what it's about.

    Love the mittens ... do you ever knit gloves? I haven't yet, but am thinking about it. I'm just worried it will be really tedious to do all the fingers!

    1. I have knitted a couple of gloves, but the fingers are tedious...

  3. Happy New Year! I adore your mom's mittens...I wish I could come and visit and have you teach me to knit like you do! I often initially choose books by their cover--then progress to check the flap or amazon's description before purchasing. Your book sounds like an epic story and one suited for a long winter spent curled up by a fire!

  4. I judge a book by it's cover all the time.

  5. beautiful knitting as always hege! i do, love covers. i even altered a book recently because the cover was not nearly as attractive as the 2nd page, so off came the cover!

  6. Your socks and mittens are beautiful! Wow.

    I judge a book by how it feels more than the cover... there are certain books that feel good to hold and I am always drawn to those!

  7. Huffda, jeg lærer elevene mine at de IKKE må plukke bøker etter bildet på utsiden :) Men kanskje det av og til befinner seg en god historie bak fine permer også! Fine votter, det blir nok en gave som settes pris på.


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