Sunday, May 25, 2014

FO :: Socks for Hubby


I picked up a skein of selfstriping yarn last time I was at my yarn shop and the plan was to knit a pair for Hubby with an aftherthought heel. Well, I did and made him try it on, but he didn't like it... So instead I did a short row heel.

This is my first project for Stash Dash this summer. Not sure if I'll managed to knit up 5K, but I'll give it a try!


Ravelry project page
Pattern: 64 sts, cuff down with a short row heel. I let 6 sts of the ribbing on each side follow the leg and foot until the toe.
Yarn: 67 g Mellanraggi #313 and 29 g Ida Strømpegarn #303
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1,5
Made for: Hubby
Size: European 41/42
Started: May 15, 2014
Completed:  May 24, 2014


  1. That is such a cool color way for boys/guys.

  2. The colors are great and the yarn looks comfy. You are always an inspiration to me!


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