Friday, July 9, 2010

The water is back :)

We've had a week filled with summer feeling. The sun has been out and we've had temperatures up to 21 C - hot enough for me ;) And we got our water back on Monday :) It's SO good to have it back and I hope it'll never happend again! 6 months without running water is long, but it's incredible what one can get used to... Needless to say that the washing machine have been going almost nonstop ;) I had a pile of linen laundry almost as high as my self. I really couldn't drag that on top of all the other laundry to my mother to wash.

Hubby has been making arches & arrows (without a point) to the kids. Great fun :) Eirin is very good, but I can't even make the arch fly at all... You can see more pictures here.

arches & arrows


Endre found this very green grasshopper the other day. He loves bugs :) and want's me to take a picture of them all, but usually the fly away before I manage to grab my camera...

Totally made Endre's day :)

And this really made Endre's day earlier this week :)


  1. I'm so glad you have you have your water back, I don't know how you did so long without it! Once we were getting a new bathroom in and we were without water for a weekend, and that was tough - and we didn't even have kids at the time!

  2. Nejmen, vad glad jag blev att ni fick vattnet tillbaks äntligen! 6 månader, inte dåligt det!

    SO delighted you got the water back eventually, I can't possibly imagine what it was like to have no water for 6 months and with 4 kids in the house!
    The picture with the digger, is that deeper trenches for the water pipes being dug so that it won't happen again? Can water pipes in the ground be insulated?
    I hope you enjoy the summer, now that it is finally here.
    I'll be a lot nearer you next week, but not that near, we'll be in Karlstad Sweden for 12 days, visiting my husband's people. I hear it's hot there now. Hope it's good weather in Norge too, måste gå kolla!

  3. I'm with Paige. I can't imagine how inconvenient that must have been.

    Your sock production amazes me, as usual. I've been knitting on same pair for about two weeks, Yikes!

  4. Still love that hat so much! And what great fun to have bows and arrows - my son would love it!

  5. Liz: No, the digging is not for any pipes. We're just renting the house, so there is nothing we can do about making the pipes deeper... We're just hoping for some early snow the coming winter. Blackfrost is the worst.


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