Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On the needles :: Dyngja and the everlasting jacket

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What's on your needles today?


Knitting: Well, it sems like steeking isn't so bad ;)The sleeves are in and the hood is alomost done, so I just have the front edges to knit and a zipper to sew in  and then it's finished.  It feels like I've been knitting forever on this jacket, but I guess it's because I've been knitting on other projects too. I'm still trying to knit up as many gifts as I can before christmas, therefore a new pair of mittens on the needles.

Reading: I'm still reading a chapter now and then in The sweetness of forgetting, but my main reading at the time is norwegian crime  - Glassdukkene. I have a few pages and the disclosure of who the killer is left. I couldn't put it aside last night, so I laid in bed reading until 1 am ;) The story is set in Tromsø, our nearest big city. And the movie is cooming next year - so looking forward to see it!
I'm also flipping through a new book with gingerbreadhouses :) Not sure which one I'll make yet, but I'm sure there will be some baking this coming weekend!


  1. Your mittens look awesome, it's still something I need to try....first though I need to get comfortable with DP's. Good luck getting your Christmas projects done on time.

  2. I have one Christmas hat that is about half-way done.

  3. I never tire looking at your colorwork, Hege!

  4. Lovely colorwork!

    I too stay up too late reading ... wish I could break that habit, but it's just the best time to do it!

  5. Nydelige farger på de vottene! Kos deg med dem, og med boka.

  6. Beautiful colourwork, I'm not brave enough to try steeking. Deb x

  7. Böcker, te, kakor och stickning - det kan inte bli mycket mer perfekt än så! :)


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