Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birds nest and rainbow socks

Lirype reir :: Willow grouse nest

The kids had their last day at school on friday, so summer break is here for the next couple of months :) The rain finally stoped and the sun came out. It's not warm, just around 10 C. But we after weeks with rain and even snow and hail, it's great to be out in the forest. We've been to our lean-to in the forest behind our house the last two days. And today Eirin almost walked on a willow grouse nest. The mama bird took off right in front of her and almost scared us all to death. We have marked the place, so we will get back and see if there are some chicks :)

Bukkeblad :: Bogbean

The Bog bean is flowering. Love this little wildflower.

Fun in the woods

From yesterdays hike in the forest. We found lots of tinder fungus.


And I finally remember to stop at this waterfall we always drive by on the way to my mom.
It's a place I visited often as a kid.

Rainbow socks

And ofcourse there is some knitting. I need it to keep me sane now that the kids are off school...
Endre wanted a pair of rainbow socks and I just happend to have a ball of Nordlys in the right colourway ;) They won't be matching, but he is fine with that. 


  1. You live in such a beautiful place. How lucky are your kids!

  2. Beautiful socks!

    Those eggs look almost edible, like they are made out of expensive chocolate

  3. Gorgeous socks, love the color. Those eggs are so beautiful!

  4. I love how you go tramping about. I need to do that with my little one in our park. That is a cool bird and what beautiful and striking eggs she lays.

  5. Yay for summer break! I'm enjoying mine, even though I'm taking a pretty intense class.

    That waterfall is stunning.

  6. Beautiful photos! I hope you have some fluffy baby birdies soon!


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