Monday, June 16, 2014

Snow in June

Snow in June...

You know you live in the arctic when you wake up to this in the middle of June...
The weather is crazy today due to cold wind coming from the Northpole. I think we've had all kinds of weather so far. Snow, rain, hail, wind and a little sunshine in between and the temperatur has been down to a 0 C. So I hope some of my plants have survived in the garden...
But we tend to forget all this after a couple of days with sun and warm weather again ;)


So I keep the fire going in the woodstove, bake bread and knit on my sisters birthday socks. I always knit her a pair of socks for her birthday as I know they will be worn and keeps her feet warm.
The pattern is Budleigh from Coop Knits Socks.

Kvæfjordkaka :: Verdens beste :: Worlds best cake

And there has been lots of cake this weekend. We celebrated Eirin's 12th bithday. (Oh, they grow up so fast..) This is Verdens beste or the Worlds best cake. You can find an english recipe here :)


  1. Auda! Fire grader og regn her litt lenger sør, stakkar klassen til sønnen som skulle grille idag;)

  2. Wow, snow in June. Happy birthday to Eirin! Thank you for the English version of the cake recipe. :-)

  3. I love your mitts. They look like a snug and warm fit. I admire your life. Your lifestyle is different from mine and so interesting.Yay for cake and children having a lovely birthday.

  4. Hope you have some warm weather soon. The socks look great, but I will definitely take a piece of that amazing looking cake. Wow!


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