Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FO :: Reyna Shawl

Reyna Shawl
First I have to apologize for the bad pictures! The light is terrible now so all the colours fade out and the white turns into a light blue... But that's just how it is around here these days - and I can't wait until spring to take pictures again ;)

Anyway - my Reyna Shawl has been off the needles a long time. I just had to sew in a couple of ends and you know how long such a small task can take... It was a fun and quick knit and I might knit it again. The pink is more brighter - so if you look at the picture on my ravelry project you get a better idea of how it looks!

Reyna Shawl

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Reyna  (free)
Yarn: 100 g Squooshy Yarn #LOVE
Needles: 3.5 mm / US 4
Made for: Me

Reyna Shawl

This used up all of my yarn, but I wish it was a little bit bigger. So if I am to knit i again I will use more yarn and add some lace or garter ridges at the bottom.

Reyna Shawl & A Family of Socks

I've also knittied some socks since last time i posted something knitted. The colours turned out not good in this light... They are black and purple with stripes of green and yellow neon. They are on my ravelry page if you want more details.


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