Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On The Needles


It's been a while since I posted, but life just happend...
Since last time the sun got back, we've been out shoveling snow before it all turned into ice, the skis has been taken for a ride and this week the kids have their winterbreak so we can sleep in :)
We went for a little skitrip earlier today and the snow is just perfect for skiing.


But I guess you are here for the knitting not the outdoos stuff. You can see more photos here if you want ;)
So what are you knitting and reading this week?
I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along and Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm and Craft On.

Knitting: I am still knitting mittens as the kids seem to never have enough... This is a pattern from an norwegian booklet.

Reading: I'm about halfway through Før flommen tas oss (Before the flood takes us). It's a swedish book and I don't think it's translated into english. It's not the kind of book I can't put down, but it's interesting and I hope for a somewhat happy ending.

Sofia got a job at the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka, and her husband Janne and their two young children follow her there. They look forward to living abroad for a few years, but the family's meeting with Bangladesh are not quite as they had imagined. They become overwhelmed by the swarming of people, the endless poverty, corruption and injustice.
Sofia fight against the cumbersome bureaucracy at the embassy and insights that aid money does not reach where they are most needed, while Janne more and more lose their footing. At home he was a socially committed teacher, here he is a rich foreigner who use the cheap labor.

Meanwhile two sisters are runing away from a rural area in Bangladesh. At home in the village yesterday they both had a bleak future: being married off to life in servitude in their husband's house. Neither Nazrin or Mina plan to be captured in a woman's role where they have to put up with everything - even live in fear of being burned to death, as their big sister Mukta was.
They travel to Dhaka and ends up in Sofia and Jannes house. Two cultures meet, a poor and a rich. Can the world change - before the flood takes them?


  1. Wow! These mittens are stunning! Such a beautiful colorwork!

  2. Beautiful mittens! I love the geometric shapes.

  3. Gorgeous mittens! The book looks interesting also! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Those mittens, I'm afraid I am coveting!! I hope you all enjoy the winter break!

  5. lovely mittens and glad the weather is getting better and you have a lovely winter break.

  6. You can't beat black and white color work. Looks so crisp! Love the patterning!

  7. The first photo is breathtaking. Black and white is always classy.


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