Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Glitter Socks


A while ago I came across a sale on Opal sock yarn with glitter. So of course I had to buy some :)
I have knitted up one of the rainbow skeins already, but never blogged about those socks...
I think these are my favorite so far :) The glitter does not pop out so good on this photo, but you can see it a little bit better on the instagram photo below.

Ravely project page
Pattern: 64 sts, cuff down with a short ow heel
Yarn: 70 g Opal Happy mit Silbereffekt # 9092 Sweet & Spicy
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5
Made for: Me



  1. Purple glittery socks, can't get much better than that! They look lovely :)

  2. These looked like a piece of the galaxy has been pluck out and make into yarn for these socks. Do you find the texture of the yarn to be changed b/c of the glittery content?

    1. I could feel the glitter tread while I was knitting the sock. But now when I am using them I can't. But I don't have sensitive feet ;)


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