Thursday, September 28, 2017

Knitting By the Fire


This year Summer came in September!
We have had a whole month of wonderful autumn weather. We have tried to be out in the forest each weekend and there is something special about sitting in the dusk knitting by the fire at night :) And when it starts to get darker it's great that the project is something easy and mindless like the Dream Stripes shawl.


Due to some frost nights almost all the leaves has fallen off the trees, but there is still lots of vibrant colours in the forest.


The last couple of months I have had a pair of thick woolen socks or "læsta" as we call it where I live, in my knitting bag when I have been out in the forest. It's great to have a mindless project stuffed away in my backpack if I feel the desire to knit a few rows here and there. And as you can see it ended up being three pairs, one for me and two for Hubby.


  1. oh those socks in a row :) lovely photo!

  2. You had me at knitting by a fire...that would be my dream everyday. :)
    The line up of socks makes my day. Wonderful!


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