Monday, October 9, 2017

Dream Stripes Shawl


I think this is one of my favorite knitted projects so far. It's soft and warm, it has beautiful colours, it was so easy to knit and it's one of those pattern I know I will knit again.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: Dream Stripes (free pattern)
Yarn: Drops Delight #06 and Drops Flora #5
Needles: 3,75 mm / US 5
Modifications: Instead of slipping the first stitch at the beginning of each row, I knitted the two first stitches on each row to make a little garter edge. I also wanted a bigger shawl and to use up the delight yarn, so I increased to 345 sts before I started the lace.



The only "issue" with this shawl is that the stripes makes the edge were you change colours to be less stretchy. So on my shawl there is a difference in about 30 cm if I measure from the center stitch. And by looking at the other projects on Ravelry I saw that I wasn't alone ending up with one side being longer. But it doesn't bother me ;)



  1. Gorgeous! I have that one saved, maybe it's time to cast on.

  2. Nydelig sjal, veldig lekre farger og den svarte bandt liksom det hele sammen på en rolig måte.

  3. Great job. I like how this turned out.

  4. I might have to knit this! yours is beautiful :)


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