Tuesday, June 1, 2010

52 books in 52 weeks update

I love books! I've been readig books since I learned how to read, and there's no better way to spend some hours than with a good book and disappear into another world! So when I found the 52 books in 52 weeks group on Ravelry, I thought I'd make a list of the books I read and see if I manage to read 52 books in a year. And it's seems like I have no problem so far ;) I might even manage to do the reading 200+ books in 2010 challenge ;)
I've highlighted my favourite books :)

61 - Nihal from the Land of the Wind - Licia Troisi

62 - Torn - Maria C. Rummelhoff

63 - Tim Brentloffs eventyr - Sylvelin Vatle
64 - Savn (Ildfuglen #7) - Hanna Sandvik
65 - God natt min elskede - Inger Frimansson
66 - Ulvetid (Tre søstre #31) - Bente Pedersen
67 - Lake in the Clouds - Sara Donati

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  1. How ambitious! 52 books, 52 socks (pairs, I assume), children, no water... do you eat, too? :-) You must have given up sleeping! or blogging!! Amazing, you are!


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