Sunday, May 10, 2009

The lean-to has become a little cabin

turning the lean-to into a little hut1

We've spent this Sunday up in the forest and fixed our lean-to.
We (hubby) have made walls in the front and a door. So now we
can leave things like a primus, first aid kit and other small things
in it since we can lock it.
I guess we can call our lean-to a little cabin now ;)
And I know the color is awful (we're going to paint it!),
it's become much more cosy and the snow will not blow in during winter.

dinner in the forest1

Endre is waiting for fishfingers - his favorite ;)

dinner in the  forest3

dinner in the forest2

While we had sausages for dinner.


And we've finally made a swing :)


  1. What a great place to retreat to... my son would enjoy spending lots of time in a little camp like this!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I'm sure you will spend lots of cosy moments (protected from the weather!) in there :)


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