Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring's first trip


Even though the rain clouds were hanging over us today, we packed our backpacks and went to our lean-to today. The snow is very rotten now, so the snowmobile made the trip for us. The days with hard snow is over now as the spring has arrived.


It's great with a known place to come to. Where everything is in place, and the kids know what to do ;) Here's cookies and tea/cocoa on the menu.

looking for treasures.

With bare spots between the snow, it's much to look for. And I found out how rotten the snow was as I suddenly tread through the snow and had snow up to the middel of my thigh...

looking for treasures

last years lingon

Cowberry from last year.

no hike without a little candy

And there's not a great hike without a little bit of candy ;)

climbing trees


And these were also with us up to the lean-to. So we're just waiting for the snow to disappear so we can place them around the fireplace.


  1. Amazing place! I think it is awesome you guys get out even with all that snow in May!! I am hoping we don't get anymore snow here... just starting to see signs of spring!
    Love that shot of your little one up in the tree!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are surrounded by just incredible beauty!

    I share your enthusiasm for the end of snow.... I thought we would wait forever here but spring has arrived, finally.

    Your children are just adorable.... I'm glad I came by for a visit!


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