Friday, May 1, 2009


7 Days:4 - Grateful

I'm so grateful for living with the forest, lake and mountain right outside my doorstep!

"HIKING" by Ed Matlack

The overwhelming power of Nature looses the soul from the concrete bastian

Replacing glass-perforated walls with giants of green and bark

Underfoot the cement and asphalt turns into sweet-smelling earth and leaf-rot

A racing stream instead of speeding traffic lends muffled background

Snow mantled boughs exchanged for bleak hard stone--moss for rust

Little known or appreciated solace is found in this haven a few minutes from the core

Lifes dreaded and hum-drum buzz-saw of existence is belittled by a sequence of wonders

Never repeating itself, Nature provides an unending panorama of fool-proof structures

All weather buffeted, the young and old alike bear up under seasonal changes

A quality of serenity little broken by storms - even then, only an adjustment

For the betterment of mankind, a close look at this phenomena would provide an arch of comfort

Beneath tired feet lies the soothing balm of peace...


And we had our first spring trip to our lean-to today!


  1. Ja du har mye å være grateful over, særlig evnen til å være takknemlig! Ha en fortsatt nydelig helg!

  2. You are so lucky to live so close to nature, and so wise to always seem to enjoy it:)

  3. Great that Spring is now arriving for you. The days are warm and sunny here now, but I guess you're a little way off that still - but you're right, so wonderful to be blessed with so much countryside around you.


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