Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pair #17 Laila's socks


I love my new socks! Ever since I bought Folk knitting in Estonia, I've been wanting a pair of these socks ;) And when my attempt to knit up a pair of Norwegian stockings from Folk socks failed (the 1st got to small and the 2nd to big), I frogged them and used the yarn for these instead.


I really wanted some more colours than just black & white so they got a splash of red :) And I think I have to make one in another colour ;)


Pattern: Laila's socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: 50 g each of red, black and white Silja
Needles: 2,5 mm
Modification: I have knitted the star toe as in the pattern, but have made a short-row heel instead of the heel flap.


  1. Luv them! They're the perfect colors for winter...make me think of Norway for some reason, ha, ha. I haven't tried patterned socks since I quite knitting argyles years ago. I really like the pattern on these.

  2. You. Are. Amazing.

    Those socks are wonderful, and I'm so glad that you are keeping them for yourself. Beautiful!

  3. Forstår godt at du berre måtte ha eit par slike, for dei var kanonkule! Tøff fargekombinasjon.

  4. I found your blog through a search for one of those triangular neck scarves like you made. I'm totally in awe of your socks!

  5. Hege, they are beautiful!

  6. Wow, kuleste sokkene jeg har sett på lenge, lenge. Kanonflotte!

  7. Kjempekule sokker du har strikket og mange andre fine sokker i bloggen din. Ser at du har fått litt julestemning her også:-)


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