Sunday, November 29, 2009

We light one candle tonight

we light one candle tonight
( I know it's the same photo as last year... I'm a bit lazy today ;) but we
are using the same table runner and the same candle holders this year.)

Så tenner vi ett lys i kveld.
Vi tenner det for glede.
det står og skinner for seg selv
og oss som er til stede.
Så tenner vi ett lys i kveld.
Vi tenner det for glede.

-Inger Hagerup-

We light one candle tonight
We light it for happiness.

Christmas lights

It's the first Sunday in the advent, and the kids are already started to count down for
Christmas :) The Christmas curtains and lihgts are up. We're almost done with the presents and I am so glad that we have all December to just be together, decorate, light candles, bake cakes and cookies, craft christmas decorations and so on. I do have some small things I need to knit, but that's just fun.
I must put together the kids advent calendar tomorrow. And we are having a "activity calendar" this year too. It's my way to make a stand aginst all the shopping now before Christmas. I really do belive that the kids thinks that it's great and more fun to do something together rather than getting a chocolate or a present each day in December!! So I've desided to blog along with Merete on her Countddown for Christmas, showing you what've done each day :)

And I'm not along to do this kind of advent calendar :) Here are some ideas.
Fancy Elastic
Monkeyin' around
Family activity advent calendar
Kiddley - fill your advent with activities
A peek inside the fishbowl

25 dys of Christmas is also a way to blog about sctivities in your dvent calendar :)


  1. I love all your beautiful Christmas lights x

    We do activity advent too, yay! I can't wait to see what you get up too :)

  2. WIth a table runner THAT cute, you'd be crazy not to use it again! I'm so in love with that table runner! The lights look great too. Wonderful Christmas decorations!

  3. I love your new blog template. It is so cute! Your December sounds lovely!

  4. Thank you for the links. We are also celebraters of Advent. I haven't gotten the candles yet, but think the way you've done yours is lovely.

    I'll be glad to look to you for inspiration this year!


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