Monday, July 3, 2017

This Weekend


The weather has been wonderful this weekend, so we went camping at our camp in the forest one night.

Untitled  Untitled




And of course I had to bring some knitting :) I'm knitting on a pair of thick wool socks that we call "læsta" in my part of Norway. They are the kind of wool socks you use as a second layer over a thinner pair of socks and I used them all winter to keep warm!


On Saturday we decided to go on a hike. We even managed to drag the teenager along!! But the forest was so full of mosquitoes that we had to give up halfway to the top :( It was horrible and we ended up with so many bites... But we'll try again later this fall as it was an easy hike and I know the view is great.


So instead we ended up buying some shrimps and spent the evening outside at home (where we had no mosquitoes!) enjoying the warm weather. How was your weekend??


  1. Knitting and hiking/camping...that is my dream. Of course even the mention of mosquitos makes me itch. I guess they are a necessary evil, even in paradise. :)

  2. I heard using baby oil will help repel mosquitoes. That's some set up you have out there in the woods; how neat and fun for the kids.

  3. you are quite adventurous! They spray here for mosquitos so they aren't too bad. However we get those gnats that like to fly into your eyes....annoying! (but they do not bite)


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