Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is my favourite season

It's been a week with some wonderful fall weather. We've had temperatures up around 15 C, so it's been great to spend time outside. The kids and I was on a local childrens club on Thursday. And Endre was soaking wet after playing in the water, throwing stones and looking for treasures :) Eirin was just a huge, big smile after riding the horse Salt & Pepper :)
And yesterday was spent by the lean-to picking berries. We picked blueberries, lingonberries and black crowberries. We make jam of the blue - and lingon berries. We use lingonberry jam as a accessory to meat dinner. Like meatcakes in gravy or game meat. I'm going to make syrup of the crowberries.
We have some berries in the garden as well. Blackcurrant and the berries from the Bird Cherry. I haven't used the Bird cherry berries before, but have found a recipe for a liquer. So if I have enough berries I might give it a try ;)
While we were in the forest, some sheep got close and the kids managed to pet one of them before they ran away. And nothing tastes as good as lunch made over an open fire! We had fishcake burgers ;)









  1. i love your blog! fall is also my favorite season

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your blog, you have lovely pictures. There is no Fall season for us and it's my favorite season.

    Those are new to me berries.

  3. Everything sounds perfect! The weather, the play, the food... Wonderful!

  4. Beautiful photos again; hope the nice weather continues!

  5. I love that nature scenes. You are a good photographer. You know that.


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