Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Socks with short-row heel & toe, and some moths


This have been my mindless knitting infront of the tv the last weeks. K2, p2 needs hardly any thinking at all ;)
And when I made the heel and saw how great the stripes become, I desided that if the foot was long enough when I came to the black and white stripes again, I should try to make a short row toe so that the stripes would be the same at both heel and toe.  And so I did. And I really think they turned out great :) A bit more st to sew with kitchener stitch though...


Pattern: 60 st, k2,p2
Yarn: 60 g Opal Traumfänger/Dreamcatcher (discontinued) Colorway 1232
Needles: 2,5 mm


And with dark nights again, the moths have arrived and are flocking themselves around the light on our frontdoor. Beautiful aren't they? I really like the yellow one that looks so much like a leaf.


  1. Those socks look great! Not so keen on the moths though. I make sure all the doors and windows are shut here once it's dark to keep them out, they always decide to fly at me no matter who else is in the room!

  2. Love the socks, very cool. As for the moths, I've always had an absurd fear of them (come on, a moth can't hurt me! Why am I diving under the table?), but those moths really are pretty. Maybe my fear stems from all the moths I've ever seen being so bland and ugly.

  3. That bottom gray moth is gorgeous! Love the socks too - ribbed socks are my favorite. I just love how snugly they hug my foot!

  4. I love the color way for those socks! Really nice.

  5. I love the way the striping on those socks worked! Lovely lovely.

  6. Det er så synd at denne fargen er utgått, Drømmefanger er nelig et av Opals fineste garn.. Ha en fin helg!

  7. I didn't like doing short rows and kitchener's stitch for a long time, but now I think they're both great. I love how your socks turned out.

    Your "good wife" post was hilarious.

  8. I *love* the heal on the socks! The stripes are fabulous!


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