Sunday, May 1, 2011

Casting on with red

It's the first day of Project Spectrum today. The colours for May is red and orange. I like red, but orange is not one of my favourite colours. I've had Plain and Simple in my queue for a long time and I've had some red yarn for it too. So I guess it was the right time to cast on for it today :) Hopefully I will have it done before May is over.

Plain and simple on the needles


  1. I love this pattern! Looking forward to seeing more of yours - red is my favourite!!

  2. I love red too. Hope you get your sweater finished by the end of May!

  3. I love the color red, but it looks so bad on me! You're lucky you get to wear a pretty red sweater!

  4. I have this pattern in my queue too, it will look lovely in red.


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