Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Capture :: Outdoors

The theme for this weeks You Capture was Outdoors. We've been outdoors as much as we can soaking up some sun since Saturday. It really feels like Spring is in the air now :)

:: Blowing bubbles ::


:: Endre finally agreed to try out the bike ::
(He has shown no interest in this bike for years... But he was so happy when he found ot how fun it is)

Slowly melting

:: The snow is slowly melding ::

:: The kids have made a fort, cooked dinner and ride fantasy horses ::

Pussy Willows

:: Pussy Willows ::


  1. Love the pussy willows! Great captures!

  2. Oh, my, you still have snow! I'm glad it's melting. Great shot of the pussy willows.

  3. Wow I haven't seen pussy willows in years, I don't think they grow near me. Thanks for posting :)
    I would not want to live where you do...snow? In May?!?!

  4. Wow, when we say "Spring is in the air" in Maryland, there is never snow on the ground!

    Glad to see the sun shining on your beautiful land!

  5. The first time riding a bike is so much fun!

  6. Beautiful! We don't usually have snow on the ground now, but we have had snow falling pretty much a few times a week up until Tuesday. Such an unusual spring.

    Love your photos!


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