Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yarn Along :: WIP Wednesday

The days just seem to fly by me this month... It's Wednesday again and time for joining a lot of other knitters who also loves to read for  Yarn Along and WIP Wednesday. I am using the picture I took for last Wednesday, but which I totally missed to blog about. Sometimes real life takes over. But I'm still reading the same books and knitting/crocheting on the same things ;)


Reading: I seem not to manage to focus on just one book at the moment... So I read a bit here and a bit there ;)  I have however finished Dead reckoning. Not as good as the previous Sookie books, but it had some great moments. I've also read about a third of The Land of Painted Caves. It's ok, but it's been a bit much caves and not so much about Ayla and Jondalar and their love story so far...
I haven't had time to practise on my spinning, but I'm really enjoying Spinning in the Old Way. The book makes it looks so easy ;) In one of the Ravelry Book Group we are reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I'm not sure if I like the book or not - I haven't read so much yet, so I might make up my mind after a few chapters more. And then there is Napoleon's pyramids - a book I started in March. I had high hopes for this book as it sounded like a version of Indiana Jones ;) It started ok, but then it was on and on about Napoleon and his marching into Egypt. The book didn't get exciting before halfway through. I have a few chapters left and I hope the end will be good.

I'm reading a few more books, some are on hold and some am I reading out loud for the kids. You can check them out here on my Goodreads page.

Knitting: My sweater is still on the needles. I have divided for sleeves now and hope I'll manage to knit it up before May is over. I have also casted on for the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy D. Johnson. And I have crocheted two whales that are waiting to be seamed.


  1. yay! lots of projects! good luck with your sweater :)

  2. Sounds like you have got lots of choice in the reading department. I was going to buy the book Land of the painted caves, but all the reviews I read put me off. I have loved that series of books and started reading them some 20 years ago. I hope you can tell me otherwise what you think of the book that what others have said.
    Hope you get to work on your sweater too. Jacinta

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your sweater done! Mine has taken quite a while because I keep starting new projects.

  4. Can't wait to see your sweater when all is said and done.

    True fact...I share a birthday with Napoleon (August 15th).

  5. I just love how big your books pile is, Hege! You are my reading inspiration! I've been curious about The Elegance of the Hedgehog...looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on that one.
    Can't wait to see more of your sweater!! I love the whales, too. So cute.

  6. Sounds like you are busy busy! I am looking forward to seeing the sweater completed. It's looking great!

  7. Is the Land of the Painted Caves the newest book in the Clan of the Cave Bear books? I didn't realize it was out! I thought the Valley of the Horses wasn't as good as the rest, so I've not been in a hurry to read the next one.

  8. Jennifer: Yes, it's the latest book. It's a bit slow to get into and so far it's mostly about caves... But I'm determined to read it through ;)


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