Sunday, October 9, 2011


First snow


- this weekend we've had all kinds of weather, rain, hail, sun, wind, sun, frost and snow
- snowball war
- we have cleared up all the outdoors toys and the garden funitures
- knitting (ofcourse)
- 3 layers of clothes, the temperatures has only been at 2 C during the day
- the smell of wet woll hanging to dry
- helpfull kids :) they've help us clear up in the cellar and shoveling gravel
- spending to much time on pinterest...


  1. Lovely pictures as always! We are enjoying a warm spell here, 82 degrees!

  2. I may regret saying this, but I am so ready for winter! Of course, winter here is nothing like yours, but cold enough for warm layers. Speaking of which, can you recommend good, warm, waterproof gear? My feet are always freezing and my "rainboots" do not seem to be waterproof. My boy needs some 0-degree (C) waterproof outerwear, too. I've been out and about all weekend, but hope to settle into knitting a few rows before the day is done. Be warm!

  3. gasp. snow? we've been enjoying a heat wave in Wisconsin (80 degrees F), but warm woolen layers are just around the corner...

  4. I'm loving our colder weather around here! Not sure I'm ready for snow but 'tis the season ;). Looks like a fun week, again. You are an amazing mom, and always have something fun going for your kids.

  5. Det første melisdrysset er alltid det vakreste. Høres ut som en god helg, og nokså lik vår, med unntak av utendørstid for ungene (forkjølet). Ha en fin mandag!

  6. Beautiful pictures, although I must admit to feeling some alarm when I saw the snow! :-)

  7. Lovely and productive weekend you had! Snow already? We are just entering our rainy season here in Seattle-any snow we might get is a couple of months away--good thing too, as we have not turned heaters in the house on yet!
    *smiles and happy Monday*
    (I did a weekending post too, in case you are interested)

  8. Oi, dere bor på et naturskjønt sted =)
    Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar, det setter jeg stor pris på =)

    Mvh Siv

  9. Høres rett og slett ut som en perfekt helg! Håper uka blir like bra :)

  10. It's so hard to imagine (at least for me) snow right now! However, I am cautiously ready for winter.


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