Monday, April 14, 2008

Toy Week :: Day One

Green Jello arrangerer toy week denne uka :)

Green Jello has set up a toy week this week :)


Med 2 gutter (3 hvis jeg teller med samboern)
så er det en del biler her.
Her har minstemann og jeg plukka
frem grønne, brune og metall
fargede biler - til project spectrum's earth farger.

With 2 boys (3 if I count with hubby)
there is a lot of cars around here.

The little man and I has picked out
green, brown and metallic cars

for project spectrums earth color.


  1. How fun. Will loves his toy cars.

  2. My boys would love all those cars!

  3. wow, is this a familiar scene


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