Saturday, February 21, 2009


After knitting, my other passion is books. I love to read books - all kind of books :) And the last week there has not been much knitting here, because my nose has been burried in The Historian. A great vampire book. I get most of the books I read from our local library, because books are expensive... But I buy some of my favorites when I can find them on sale ;) And the kids always get a book or two each month.

So I've been looking around flickr for some great book/reading photos, and have made a mosaic of my favorites :)


I'd love to have a library like this...

Pictures from cweingartner.

I'd love to have a room like this with a comfy chair, shelves on all the walls filled with books. A room I could call my library.


  1. Oh, I love to read, too. Those color coded bookcases are pretty neat looking!

  2. Jepp, da har jeg neste bok på lista. Høres ut som om den er skrevet for meg.
    Er forøvrig så heldig å ha flyttet inn i et hus med kjempestor bokhylle. I en krok skal jeg lage min lille lesehule. Men - først skal hyller males. Det kan jo ta noen tiår med dagens tempo :)

  3. I love reading too. I've actually started listening to books on tape while I knit ( thus marrying my two loves ;). That room is unbelievably wonderful. I MUST copy it someday for my library.


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