Friday, August 6, 2010

At the playground, dragonfly and builing a bridge

At the playground in the park

We've spent the morning in the playground in the park :) Playing, eating pizza and watching a grey heron and ducks.

Later in the day the kids managed to catch a dragonfly. Look at Endre's face - it's the first time he sees one :)

Earlier this week the boys have been busy building a bridge over a little creek we have to cross (jump over) when we go hiking up to our lean-to. And today they desided to make a sign. Translated it means "Creek Bridge".


  1. Så koselege bilder! Ønskjer deg ei fin helg.

  2. Gorgeous photos! The playground looks great. We found an almost dead dragonfly on the driveway when we were on holidays in Sweden last month. The children were fascinated by it. We placed it under a bush and went off to the shop, when we got back it was gone. Either it was taken by a bird or flew away itself, which is what we hope happened.
    Love the bridge building project adn the cloudberry jam on the bread, köpte hjortronsylt på Ikea i Dublin igår, inte samma sak som hemmagjord sylt, men det får duga...


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