Thursday, August 26, 2010

What type of heel do you knit?

Sock's on the needles for Eirin :)

After reading Pinneguri's post about her not knowing what a short-row heel was, I came to think about heels ;) The short-row heel is my favourite! I knit it all the time. It's easy, fast and best of all, I don't havet to pick up any stitches ;) I only have to knit another heel when I knit socks for Hubby. Usually a type of  french heel. The short-row heel  gets to small for him.
And I know there are heels I haven't knitted too.  A afterthought heel i.e.

What heel do you prefer to knit?


  1. I learned how by picking up gusset stitches, but I prefer the method where you add a couple stitches every couple rows, then k2t to decrease them. It's simpler than switching to DPNs, for me.

  2. The short row heel was the first heel I learned to knit, but now I prefer the hourglass heel. I have done an afterthought heel. It was a bit intimidating, but it is great when you need to replace the whole heel on a sock. Just remove the old heel and knit an afterthought heel it it's place. Wonderful to know when your husband wears hole in his heel in a months time that are way to far gone to darn.

  3. I must admit, that I usually just follow whatever directions are on the pattern. Suffice it to say, I don't much care for heels!

  4. I like the look of the short row heel, but find that a plain old flap/gusset fits better. I'll have to try the French version, that looks a lot nicer.

  5. My favorite "fast, no thinking heel" is the short-row. I think the gusset heel looks fancy, and fine, but I have to follow a pattern, and it doesn't always fit snug enough. I've started doing more of the toe up - increase as you go towards the heel, with varying successes. I really like the looks of such a heel. See Ravelry:, the Spring Thaw Socks. Before I go on, I'd better look at your French heel. Thanks for blogging!!


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