Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Purple Bluebell socks

Purple bluebell socks for Eirin

New socks for Eirin :)

My 11th pair so far in the 52ppiv. I guess I'm a little behind... But I'm not going to stress ;) Knitting should be fun, not a chore.

The pattern is a cuff down sock, but I knitted it as a toe-up to make sure I had enough yarn, but also to make the bluebells the right way. Making them hang down.

Pattern: Bluebell rib from Sensational Knitted Socks.
Yarn: 44 g King Kole Zig Zag colorway 741.
Needles: 2,5 mm.
Size: 8 years, 54 st.

Purple bluebell socks for Eirin

I see that I really need to get some sock blockers... The pattern doesn't show here at all :(

And the leftovers from the socks was just enough for a square to the blanket ;)

I guessed I would use up all of the yarn since it was leftovers after my own socks. But I had just enough left to crochet a square for my leftover sock yarn blanket too :)

Fall is here. Yellow leaves are covering everything now...

And there's no doubt anymore - Fall is here. The lawn is covered in yellow leaves and today the rain is pouring down... Eirin is wearing a Hello Kitty hat I made for her about 2 years ago :) Endre is wearing a stripy hat I crochet earlier this summer. It's so great when the kids like to wear the things I make for them :)


  1. Those are some really great knits and crochets. I love the feeling of fall. It's cooled down significantly here as well. It was only in the 70's yesterday (much better than 90's!). It just feels better. Hopefully no snow for awhile, though!

  2. Nydelig fargespill i det garnet. Hun blir nok fornøyd med sokkene :)

  3. Very nice socks! Fall is making an appearance here also. It's been raining every day for the last several days and the temperature has really dropped--enough to wear good socks and a sweater!

  4. Herlig bilde av barna i aksjon! Flotte sokker. De ser virkelig gode og varme ut, og fargen er jo bare utrolig lekker.

  5. ... love the socks :) ..cute hats too ^..^

  6. The socks are cute! Sock blockers are pretty cool, but I hear that if you just wear them for a while, the heat from your body and shaping to your foot does a pretty good job blocking them, too.


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