Monday, August 16, 2010

New snow, purple socks and a elk family

New snow on the mountain tops this morning...

It's been raining (pouring down) non-stop since Friday. And this morning we woke up to new snow on the mountains and 4 C. Looks like summer is over for this year.

Luckily the snow has melted a bit through the day

Luckily most of the snow has melted through the day as the sun came out.

So I just have to keep up with my sock knitting to  keep my toes warm. There haven't been many days I have walked barefoot this summer...I haven't even put away the wool clothes during summer this year... Makes it all easier to see what I have to make though ;)

This was a easy pattern to knit. And I used only 58 g, so I could have knitted the leg much longer. Looks like maybe Eirin will get a pair of purple socks too :)
Pattern: Rainbow Over Lahaina from Sock Club: Join the knitting adventure
Yarn: 58 g King Cole Zig Zag Colorway 741
Needles: 2,5 mm

With all the rain that has came during the weekend, we've had a bit of cabin fever here. So when the sun came out today we had to head out and soak up some sunlight, knit and jump in the water puddles ;) The air has gotten that special cold and crisp smell which I love. I do like fall in all it's way, but I do think it has come a bit too early this year...

It's fall. Some leaves are falling of the trees and it's wellies weather ;)

Endre's new wellies :)

Mama elk with her babies

On Thursday this little family was in the hill behind our house. I tried to come a bit closer to take better photos, but they got scared.
And I have now imported all the post from our hiking blog into this one. If you like to read those post I think you can find most of them throug the labels nature, forest, outdoors, hiking, lean-to and other "nature" related labels a bit down on the left of the blog.


  1. snow already? yikes. i am definitely looking forward to fall on it's way though, as it has been insufferably hot here this year.

    love those wellies!

  2. Beautiful socks! And I envy your cold weather ;-)

  3. Crazy that the snow is flying already! It's getting colder here too, wishing for a bit more summer.
    I'm pretty sure those Elk are actually Moose.

  4. I can't believe that you think summer is over in your part of the world! Snow already?!!!
    It was crazy hot and humid here yesterday, it felt like 43C, but today, after a thunderstorm, it's lovely sunny, and cooler. Lovely socks you've got there!

  5. SNOW!!! My husband would be in heaven! It's still in the dang 90's here! I love the smell of fall too. So lovely. The socks are amazing and little Eirin is too cute knitting. Have a great week!

  6. CelticCastOn:
    I've had the "discussion" before about elk/moose ;)

    It's a bit confusing ;)
    I had to check it up at wikipedia - and I've never heard about your kind of elk - looks like a deer...

    But it's a European Elk (Alces alces), also known as Moose.

  7. I don’t want to go back to Norway! Snow already! I suppose by the time we get back in september it will be winter already :)

  8. I just know they are BIG animals! Elk and Moose. I'm no biologist, but I learned to say we have Elk in the US, Moose in Canada and Moose/Elg in Norway.
    Yep, August, Fall in Norway. Still 30-34º C here in NM. And I'm knitting socks, shawl, pullover...

  9. The snow and the elk look very exotic. If I see anything big and wild here in Southern Australia it will be a kangaroo or an emu! =) Beautiful socks too.

    I love your quote by Luther Burbank, by the way.

  10. Høsten kan være fin den, men snø midt i august er lovlig tidlig. Godt å ha varme ullsokker da i alle fall!

    Fine elger!

  11. What beautiful scenery, The mountains behind my house are still snow-free for the moment. I think we have another month or so to go. I'm jealous of your moose, though! How fun. Hope you enjoy your cozy weather -- at least you can wear those lovely socks!

  12. I've just happened by your blog... and I love it :)
    lovely pics, socks and SNOW!! yay!

  13. I really like that sock pattern!! Gorgeous! I am surprised the mama elk didn't scare you. Here if you get to close to a mama with a baby that small you better hope you can run faster than her lol!!

  14. i love your flickr favorites! and of course all the knitting related material! i think winter is about here as well :( we had 4 weeks of summer :(

  15. Sounds like wonderful weather. We're sweltering still. I'd love to need to wear a sweater again.


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