Thursday, December 13, 2012

FO :: Socks


The light is bad for photo taking of projects now, so this was the best I could get during the little daylight we have in the middel of the day ;)
Erlend's socks are done and I think they will end up in his stocking on Christmas morning. Just need to finish a cowl and a hat so the other two also get something in their stockings too...

Pattern: Cuff down, 64 st, k2, p2 ribbing, short row heel and st st for the foot.
Yarn: 62 g Drops Fabel #521p - I really like this colorway, real boyish colours :)
Needles: 2,5 mm
: December 2 2012
: December 13 2012


  1. I hope the kids don't read your blog!

    They are lovely ... like a night sky full of stars.

  2. Lucky kids!!! Hope they don't sneak a peek ahead of time!

  3. Lovely, handsome socks. They will be worn a lot I am sure.

  4. Those socks are wonderful!
    I love any yarn Drops can throw at me to be quite honest, have a scarf waiting to be knit with some Fabel... :)

  5. Oh, those are perfect for a little boy! I really like the idea of putting a special handknit in each stocking.

  6. It's great to knit things for the children. :-) They will love their gifts. Have a nice weekend. Regula

  7. The yarn you used is very lovely-- definitely boyish, but still nice :)

  8. What great socks, and I love the way you have presented them on their wooden inserts. Much better than trying to photograph feet.

  9. These came out great! It's great to find a color good for boys. They're so hard to come by.

  10. This is a great pic and what a manly colorway! Fantastic socks.


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