Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day in 2012


The ice on the lake is safe. So we brought our kick-sled's and went for a ride :)


Some of you might remember that we spent over six months without water a couple of years ago as it froze. We had the same kind of weather as we are having now with little snow and cold temperatures.
Yesterday we noticed that our water turned muddy and it lost pressure. So Hubby went up to our well made a hole and checked how much water we have. It's water there, but it's not much water coming in to the well as the ground is frozen and the water has packed it self above the well as you can see in the photo below.
So we are saving water to prevent the well from going dry and we are hoping the water won't freeze. Some of our neighbors have already lost their water...



  1. Good thoughts coming from Canada - I hope your water continues to work, and you get the right weather conditions to help things out.

  2. I hope you don't lose your water....that has to be tough, especially with kids...

  3. God fortsättning på det nya året!

    Bilden när ni åker spark på sjön är alldeles, alldeles fantastisk...

    Du gör så mycket vackra saker, jag har precis hittat din blogg och följer dig numera!

    ha det gott/Blenda

  4. That photo on the ice is incredible! Beautiful!

    Hope you don't lose your water!

    Happy New Year, Hege!

  5. Gott Nytt År!
    hoppas att ni har haft det bra över jul, och att ni får det bra under 2013!
    I hope too that the water doesn't freeze,
    fingers crossed for you on that,
    love the photo of the Spark with 3 seats and 3 children on the lake, do you have much daylight these days?

  6. What a beautiful photo of the ice skating! Also, best of luck with your water!


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