Saturday, April 6, 2013

FO :: Marius onesie

Marius onesie, size 9-12 months Marius onesie, size 9-12 months

The Marius onesie is finally done.
I'm almost done with the hat and have started a sweater too ;)
They will all be for sale in my Epla store soon.

Pattern: Marius hel dress from Marius strikkebok, Til Fjells Tema 10 Klassikere
or Klassikere 0-4 år
Yarn: Lanett 210 g blue  #175, Mor Aase babyull 11 g red #4128  and 5 g white  #1001
Needles: 2,5 and 3 mm
Size: 9-12 months
Modifications: I wanted to knit this with a round yoke instead of set in sleeves. So I used the pattern for "Marius dress" that you can find in "Marius strikkebok" or the booklets "Til fjells" and "Klassikere 0-4 år" for the legs. For the yoke and sleeves I used the pattern "Marius jakke med rundt bærestykke" from the booklet "Klassikere 0-4 år".
Started: 18. February 2013
Complited: 6. April 2012

Marius onesie, size 9-12 months

Marius onesie, size 9-12 month


  1. This is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen today, I would have loved wearing that as a child. Well, maybe not, but I'm way cooler as an adult and I would totally wear an adult sized version. The pattern on the yoke looks like it was a lot of fun to knit too.

  2. Wow, this onsie is just amazing, what a wonderful special baby gift!

  3. How darling and sweet it is. I am sure someone will snatch it up quick.

  4. you are such a gifted knitter hege, this is beautiful work and SO darling too. i wish i could see the baby this will go on, a very lucky one indeed. i always love to see what you are making.

  5. Råfin! Ekstra flott med rundfelling istedet for påsydde ermer.
    En fin søndag til deg!

  6. I agree with everyone else and I love those buttons as well.

  7. This is awesome, Hege! What a fine garment you finished.

  8. Such an adorable yoke design! It really makes the outfit adorable :)

  9. THIS. IS. AMAZING! Not to mention, completely adorable! Those buttons perfectly suit the overall pattern. They're an exceptional compliment to the onsie.

  10. That is adorable! What lovely work!

  11. This is really cute. Love the little touch of red at the neckline.

  12. That is incredibly gorgeous. I hope you are charging a good price for it!

  13. Can I purchase this sweet onesie or have one made? My husband was just in Norway and I hunted for one, no luck.

    1. I'm sorry, but it's sold...
      If you could send me an email to
      svendsenhege79 at
      I could give you an estimate price for knitting one depending on the size you want and how much it would cost to ship it to you :)


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