Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happiness is...

Happiness :: Knitting outdoors for the first time this year
No yarn was harmed while taking the photo - I didn't see the tread soaking in my teacup until I uploaded the photo...
Knitting outdoors for the first time this year, while sipping a cup of tea.
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Hearing the birds sing and the dripping of snow melting.
Knowing that Spring isn't far away.


  1. Vår! Deilig å vite at hele sommeren ligger foran. Kos deg masse!

  2. Det så herlig ut. Jeg har ikke sittet ute enda selv i år, enda jeg har en veldig varm balkong som pleier å innvies tidlig. Men snart!

  3. I cannot imaging a better way to spend a lazy sunday! I think we've all had funny little yarn problems like that : )

  4. i love this, the yarn made me giggle, and your sunny deck with the beautiful snow in the background looks lovely!

  5. Awesome photo! I was totally jealous for a second, and then I saw the snow....

  6. look at you outside! Beautiful sun rays. I love the knitting and the mug :)

  7. This may sound weird but I'm a bit fascinated by how you live because your environment is different from mine. Glad you're getting sun.


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