Monday, June 3, 2013

FO :: Hubby's socks


Hubby's socks are done :)

Pattern: 72 sts, k2, p2
Yarn: Fantasy Strømpegarn by Sandnes Garn. 75 g brown #3100 and 76 g blue #5800
Needles: 2,5 mm
Started: April 19 2013
Completed: May 31 2013


Normally, I try to match the stripes when I am making socks, but with just 100 g of each colour and it being discontinued, I wasn't sure it would be enough. But I think they look great without matching stripes and hubby doesn't care ;)


  1. They look pretty close to me, I'm sure your hubby is very pleased!

  2. Matching socks are overrated! These are perfect the way they are.

  3. The stripes of this yarn are very subtle and your husband is right not to care about matching them. Really beautiful masculine socks.


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