Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On The Needles :: Snow Lily


What are you knitting and reading this week?
I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along and Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm and Craft On.

Knitting: I cast these on yesterday and somehow knitting colourwork goes so much faster than knitting a plain sock... The pattern is Snow Lily, a free pattern from Drops I've had in my queue for years.

Reading: After finishing The Book of Speculations a few days ago, which was a good read, I picked up Hålke at the library since it seems like everyone is reading it here these days. Not sure if it will be translated into english, but who knows. So far the story is good.

The streets are covered with slippery ice, inside are Ebba and Karl. 
Ebba and Karl have been married for almost a lifetime. They have shared their joys and sorrows, they have raised children together, loved, betrayed and deceived. Wounds have arisen, bruises are healed. Now they are pensioners, with aging bodies, it is winter, and when the world one day is glazed in thick and hard ice, when the municipality can not afford to sprinkle the ice with sand, when a broken femoral neck could mean the beginning of the end, so they stay inside. 
Ebba and Karl are a married couple who may still feel the tensions between them, both as erotic attraction and as a quivering and sometimes unsettling undertone. In one day, two days, several days, they have only each other. The coffee runs out, and the bread. The feeling of being trapped, the insulation, the marital dynamics ... during some winter days are past betrayal, brutality and uncertainty in living and traveling the dangerous and impossible question: What is love worth? - from Goodreads -


  1. These mitts are beautiful, I love two color knits!!

  2. beautiful socks - wonderful colors - what talent you have!!!

  3. Amazing! But what?? Colorwork is faster than plain knitting? Not in my world! :) :) Your books sounds really good and oh my the cover? So pretty! I hope it gets printed in English...

  4. Beautiful mittens! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Breathtaking!! I love that colorwork.


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