Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yarn Along


What are you knitting and reading this week? I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.

Knitting: My new needle finally arrived. So after some measuring I could start the yoke on my Setesdalkofte :) Sorry for the bad photo, but the light is not working with me today...

Reading: I'm still working my way around the world and today I am in Somalia in The Orchard of Lost Souls. I'm halfway through and I'm hoping for a happy ending..
It is 1988 and Hargeisa waits. Whispers of revolution travel on the dry winds but still the dictatorship remains secure. Soon, and through the eyes of three women, we will see Somalia fall.
Nine-year-old Deqo has left the vast refugee camp she was born in, lured to the city by the promise of her first pair of shoes.
Kawsar, a solitary widow, is trapped in her little house with its garden clawed from the desert, confined to her bed after a savage beating in the local police station.
Filsan, a young female soldier, has moved from Mogadishu to suppress the rebellion growing in the north.
And as the country is unravelled by a civil war that will shock the world, the fates of the three women are twisted irrevocably together.
 -from Goodreads-
And in Mexico in Me, Who Dove into the Heat of the World. I haven't read more than a few pages and I see that this might be a book you either like or don't like. So I'm eager to find out!
Karen Nieto passed her earliest years as a feral child, left alone to wander the vast beach property near her family's failing tuna cannery. But when her aunt Isabelle comes to Mexico to take over the family business, she discovers a real girl amidst the squalor. So begins a miraculous journey for autistic savant Karen, who finds freedom not only in the love and patient instruction of her aunt but eventually at the bottom of the ocean swimming among the creatures of the sea. Despite how far she's come, Karen remains defined by the things she can't do—until her gifts with animals are finally put to good use at the family's fishery. Her plan is brilliant: Consolation Tuna will be the first humane tuna fishery on the planet. Greenpeace approves, fame and fortune follow, and Karen is swept on a global journey that explores how we live, what we eat, and how our lives can defy even our own wildest expectations. -from Goodreads-


I've finished a pair of socks since last time.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Silver Dream Socks (free pattern)
Yarn: 102 g of some leftovers in Sisu And Fabel for the patterning on the leg. The rest of the sock is knitting in some unknown yarn that I hope has some nylon in it...
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5
Size: eu 39


  1. The sweater is lovely and yay for your needles arriving! Won't be long before you have a finished sweater. The socks look fantastic!

  2. The socks are so sweet! Can't wait to see the sweater progress.

  3. I love the colours you are using in both of those projects. The socks are just beautiful.

  4. I just noticed the socks and sweater will be like a matching set! Cool.

  5. Nydelige sokker har du strikkt. Vakker fargene og mønsteret.
    Genseren er rundfelling... snart ferdig. Ønskers glede med strikke fortsatt.
    Jeg lydbok, det handler om livet i skogen: "Det hemmelig livet av trær" forfatter Peter Wohlleben.
    Jeg begynner å strikke med rundfelling også - men denne ganger fra toppen og ned.
    God kveld. Hilsen fra Viola


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