Saturday, September 27, 2008

First fall storm

leaf in the rain

The last couple of days has been windy and rainy. We've had our first fall storm and the forest has turned from it's fireing colours into a grey mass... This little leaf has been on our livingroom window since yesterday. Despite some heavy rainfall that made it impossible to see out, the leaf hang in there.


I really hope the weather will be a little better tomorrow, because the sweater is done and I really want to take some photo's outdoors with Eirin wearing it. Right now it is laying on the arm rest beside me. And I just have to take a look at it now and then - I love the colours!


  1. The sweater is gorgeous! Yes, I am also hoping for good weather because I would love to see it on!

  2. Nydelige farger i genseren. Får krysse fingrene for at været blir bedre, for denne blir flott ute i vakre høstfarger...

  3. Cute little leaf. I love the colors on the sweater. You are amazing!

  4. Can't wait to see this photographed! Loving the horses!

  5. Nydelig Hege. Vakre farger og vakkert mønster.


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