Friday, September 12, 2008



This past week has been foggy, cold and sunny.
The days are filled with sun from a cloudfree sky, the nights are cold and therefor the early mornings are filled with a thick fog.


Today we woke up to -3 C. Everything is covered with frost because the fog freezes during the night. It's beautiful though even if it's cold.



We don't get "hit" by the sunbeams before the clock is around 10 in the morning now... And it's really beautiful to see all the little frost drops glitter before the sun melts them.

golden leaves

The forest is starting to dress in gold, red and yellow around here ;) We are going to have some great weather during the weekend too, so I guess we'll be out hiking and really enjoy these wonderful fall days :)
Right now I'm havig a fire going in the stove, tea in my cup and my knitting beside me. But before I can sit down and enjoy my knitting, Endre and I are going upstairs and look for our winter quilts. I have already found our winterclothes and gone through them to see what fits or not. And I'm so glad to be able to hand down clothes from one kid to the other. But I see that I really have to speed up my knitting and make some more mittens...


  1. Nydelige bilder - du er veldig flink med kameraet!!

    Nå har jeg blitt såpass inspirert at jeg skal ut med kameraet å ta litt bilder...

    God helg!!

  2. What a beautiful pictures. I cannot believe you are having frost already. We have a few beautiful days here with over 22 degrees Celcius and a lot of sun. But later a lot of rain.

    I love real winters though because you can knit wonderful things for that.

  3. Flotte bilder! Det er vakkert med frost, selv om jeg synes det er vemodig at sommeren da er over. Men høstlufta er skarp og deilig!

    Her i sør har jeg fremdeles god tid til å strikke votter, men det bør nok gjøres de neste ukene...

  4. Åh, vilka vackra bilder! Som vanligt. Du är duktig på att fotografera. Kram.

  5. I'm jealous of your cold weather. It is so much more fun to knit when it's cool outside. I love the fog as long as I don't have to travel in it.

  6. I love it, it's my favorite season!

    Just wish it lasted a little bit longer around here. :)

  7. What a wonderful picture of Endre! I love it! This one is extra cute!

  8. You take absolutely beautiful pictures.

  9. Those photos are so beautiful. It makes me so envious that here in London it is always so grey, grey, grey! I miss the crisp clear days that we used to get in Winter at home.

  10. Your photos are amazing! I often have trouble seeing past my depression at the thought of another long winter to stop and see the beauty of the changing seasons.


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