Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Turn a square hat

turn a square1

I have knitted a hat in matching colours as the horse sweater.
Pattern: Turn a square by Brooklyn Tweed.
Yarn: 50 g brown Sisu #318 and leftovers from the sweater.
Needles: 2,5 & 3 mm + a 3 mm hook

turn a square3

I have crocheted a picot edge to make it a bit more girly ;)
We have had fog as thick as porridge all day and around 3 pm the sun managed to make it go away. So I dressed the kids and took my knitting with me outdoors. But boy, my fingers got freezing cold after a few rounds. So I guess it's time to find something else to do outdoors now (bring in fire wood, rake old leaves) *sigh*
Here is some photos of the fog disappearing :)



Tomorrow is October 1st, and my blog will turn pink to support Pink for October.
Do you do the same? Let me know so I can visit you :)


  1. Love what you did with the hat! :o)

  2. Så fin luen ble, fargene er jo bare nydelige. Måtte beundre hestegenseren en gang til. :o)

  3. The hat looks so lovely. Now you can see the different colours even better then with the sweater.

    Gorgeous pictures of the fog.

  4. I'm delighted to have stumbled on your blog! I lived in Norway (Oslo area) in the 70's and 80's and still "beundre" the landscape. I knitted as a youngster, and then started sweaters and "stromper" in Norway. I now knit for my daughter who lives in Bergen because I live in a climate that rarely needs wool! (Poor me!)

    Your hat is wonderful... it might be the perfect pattern for a Norwegian man with very particular requirements for his hats. AND the "hestegenseren"!!!! Oh, MY!
    I might have to forgo a few of my UFO's to have a closer look at that one.

    Keep up the good work. Enjoyed the outdoor pictures.


  5. Stilig lue, den blir knallfin sammen med genseren. Nydelige høstbilder du har tatt også.

  6. Så kjekt med kommentar frå deg. Må innrømme at eg har titta innom bloggen din mange gongar ( uten å legge igjen kommentar).Eg fann hobbyboden for minst 2 år sidan og såg gjennom alle bloggane.Vart SÅ imponert over alt det fine som vert strikka og sydd .No prøvar eg å bruke litt mindre tid på dataen og heller strikke meir så no har eg "berre" 10-15 bloggar som eg er innom ofte og din er ein av dei .Sidan eg er sokkestrikkar så likar eg å sjå på alle dei fine sokkane du strikkar.Etter at eg starta å blogge sjølv så ser eg kor kjekt det er med kommentarar så eg skal skjerpe meg skikkeleg med det.

  7. Great hat! Beautiful photos of the outdoors!

  8. Både lua og hestegenseren ser superfine! Og fint med rosa blågg i oktober! Brystkreft er no' herk.

  9. Love your outdoor photos, and the hat! Perfect mate for the sweater....

  10. Adorable hat. The pictures of the fog are beautiful. Your poor fingers!

  11. My blog is already pink!! yay

    I've just finished a turn the square too! Its a great pattern isn't it? I stupidly didnt check tension (I will learn one day) and its too big (even for big man head) so it will have to be redone. Yours is excellent! love the colours

  12. Love the turn the square hat. My husband saw it and requested it for this winter and since I see how nice yours turned out I guess I'll order up some yarn :).

  13. åh, vad söt Eirin är i sin hästtröja, jättefin! Och gullig mössa till.

  14. Takk for koselig kommentar. Høstbildene dine var fantastisk flotte.

  15. I LOVE your hat! I love that you made it with leftovers from your sweater, and I think that picot edge is genius! Great work!

  16. The hat looks great - glad to find it was a sweater with pictures of horses - thought at first you matched your horse! the sweater came out great also.

    Ria ( tonyfan4ever on ravelry found you on the blog comment train)

  17. great looking hat. I love the picot edge

  18. Det ligg ein liten award til deg i bloggen min!


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