Friday, January 16, 2009

Basic socks

the sun is teasing us..

The sun has starting to tease us by painting the clouds pink...

basic socks3

I've spent the day finishing a pair of socks. And the satisfaction to see a pair of socks ready to wear on the table next to a warm cup of tea is great! But as soon as I sew in the last tread of yarn and admire my last creation, I feel that my fingers gets restless. What to knit next? Which project shall I continue working on OR what project shall I cast on? Do you feel the same?

basic socks2

And I love these socks! The colors are so beautiful. And I think this is the first pair of socks where I think the black and white dosn't disturb the rest of the colors.

basic socks1

Pattern: Basic socks with two different heels from Drops.
Yarn: 100 g Opal Traumfänger/Dreamcatcher # 1232
Needles: 2, 75 mm


  1. LOVELY!!! yes. i love those colors too.
    color. but not too much. :)

    i do the same thing. in fact. i HAVE to start casting on right away. its a sickness, i tell ya. :)

  2. I always feel the same way... sometimes even before I'm finished. Your socks have such great colors.

  3. Å, Opal Drømmefanger! Jeg har lett etter et slikt nøste, det er visst gått ut av produksjon... Det er nydelige farger i sokkene, og sikkert en drøm å strikke de :) God helg til deg og dine!

  4. I love your socks too. I always consider knitting socks with lots of cabling or other patterns, but actually it's the plain socks that look best when they're finished, I think.

  5. Very nice socks! I feel the same way when I finish a project - oh, the possibilities! (And unfinished items lying about...)

  6. Oh, such lovely skies! Praise the light! I already notice it is much lighter here in Oslo and it hasn't even been a month since the darkest day!

    Blogging is so hard in the dark of winter...

    Beautiful socks! The colors are just wonderful! Nothing nicer than a pair of hand knit socks!

  7. Those are really nice socks. You are right about the black and white being in balance with the rest of the colors - it looks like they are really an off-white and a dark charcoal, so they blend better.

    I love the feel of handmade socks on my feet - but I have too many other projects going to start a pair of socks.

  8. Festlig fargekombinasjon på sokkene - ligner på himmelen du har tatt bilde av forresten :o)

  9. Det var skikkelig nydelige farger :)

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  11. Yay! The sun!

    Pretty socks!


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