Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enough with the rain now, please...

Fall is here
I'm a bad blogger these days... But real life just takes over sometimes. I've started my fight agains those extra kilos, so I try to exercise at least three times a week ;) - When I'm home alone so the kids can't laugh at me *lol* Hubby's daughter is living with us every other week now, so having a teenager in the house has it's moment too... My afternoon is filled with helping the kids do their homework, making dinner, supper and then bedtime with reading outloud. So there are not much time for knitting left. And our weekends are mostly filled with time outdoors. And there's no doubt - fall is here now. Some of the trees have no leaves left do to the wind we've had the last days. And the rain has been pouring down for weeks now. I'm just looking forward to - degrees and snow now. Everything is better than cold rain!

on my needles now

So while I'm baking bread and doing some laundry today, I have time to enjoy a latte and knit a few rounds on a wool pants for Endre. It might be a new pair of monster pants, but it also just be a stripy one ;) We'll see.

a little sunshine in my kitchen

And when the sun abandon us, I'll have to make some sunshine in another way. So I finished up some dishcloths :)

red swap package

And finding a package in the mailbox is always great when the weather is bad :) This is a red swap package all the way from Eleanor in Australia :)


  1. Sorry for you with all that rain, I wish you could send it my way :)

    Great swap. Looks full of goodies.

  2. Mmm .. I love your swap package :)
    and these colors of the first picture are incredibly beautiful.

  3. If I didn't have knitting, rainy days would just send me down to the dumps... I hope the weather gets better and you have more time to knit in the future. Take care!

  4. ahh, knitting always brightens up the day, doesn't it? everything that comes off your needles is wonderful!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Life sounds very busy over there ;).

  6. Nydelig bilde av barn i høstnaturen. Kjedelig når man ikke får strikket så mye, men slik er det i blandt. Livet med barn er hektisk til tider - men rikt også.

  7. The monster pants are so cute and I love the weekend photo!

  8. Oy, for en pakke! Og veldig mye annet fint her.

    Svar på spørsmål på min blogg:
    Star Wars luene: Ja, jeg gikk mot mine prinsipper, og broderte bokstavene på med maskesting. Fant ut at om jeg tok en og en linje i hele ordet (altså en omgang om jeg hadde strikket det) av gangen, ble det mye jevnere og penere. Dessuten brukte jeg garn som ikke var så tett tvinna som garnet i selve lua, dermed dekte maskestingene godt. Blei overraskende bra! Kjedelig å strekke med seg garnet rundt om en velger å strikke inn bokstavene... Lykke til!

  9. I just can't get over how FAST you knit! You inspire me. :)


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