Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall is here

høst tre

The fall is here to stay now. It's been raining for days and the
first snow has come in the mountains. The forest has changed its color
and it glows in yellow, orange and red.


So even though it rained today, it was so great outside that we just had
to go hiking ;) So we had a great time with a fire, fries sausages, chocolate and cocoa.


Some was just out for the candy ;)



rain shelter

And under the biggest rain showers it was good with some extra "roof".

little working man

And we provided some extra firewood for the winter. And it's
great with some little helpers ;)


  1. It seems to have come to so quickly to your part of the world ~ the woods are lovely and colorful.

    The menu for your cookout sounds delicious!

  2. Åååh, så vakkert! Her nede er det forholdsvis grønt enda, men jeg gleder meg så sinnsykt til høsten kommer her også. Det er veldig vakkert, den beste årstiden for meg.

    Bålkos og kakao høres ut som en drøm! :)


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