Thursday, September 10, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow...


We've had a rain storm during the night and the wind didn't stop until late today. It's been raining non stop, but the sun came out for about ten minutes and made these two beautiful rainbows. You can see by the big streams of water coming down from the mountain that it's been raining a lot. They use to be almost dry during summer.


I'm still waiting for the rest of the books in the Into the Wilderness serie by Sara Donati... So instead I've started reading Inkheart by Cornelia Funke - a really great book! I'm nearly done with it and I hope Inkspell is just as good. I think I'll have to by the film. Even though I know the film never becomes like the book... Eirin was very fasinated by the cover of the book which has the same cover as the film ;) So I might buy it just for her. She likes fantasy stories just like me - and I'm reading the Spiderwick chronicles for her for the second time now. She have seen the film several times and each time she gets thrilled and howls of joy and fear. But I really think the books are far better than the film! I could not get over that the river troll wasn't in it... One of Eirins favorite in the book :)

eirins socks

My knitting mojo is coming back slowly - and I have finished up a pair of socks for Eirin.
Pattern: k2, p2 with a short row heel.
Yarn: Ida Strømpegarn
Needles: 2,5 mm


And with the left overs fom I maaged to knit two calorimetry's. One for Eirin (she tells me it itches, but the one I made her a couple of years ago has been used a lot..) and one goes in the Christmas gift box ;)
Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: Ida Strømpegarn
Needles: 2,5mm

calorimetry x2

water bottle bags

These water bottle bags/slings have been done over a month ago - and used a couple of times too. It's just me that have forgotten to take pictures...
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Various cotton
Hook: 4mm/G


  1. flotte bilder av regnbogen :) geniale flaskevesker du har hekla! grei å slenge over skuldera på tur istadenfor å ha flaska i handa. du skal ikkje sjå vekk ifrå at eg kopierer den ;)

  2. What a great photo of the rainbow! I love the socks too- you sure do seem to knit fast!

  3. Fine sokker og calorimetrier :) Regnbuer har vi sett mange av de to siste dagene, sol og regn om hverandre... Ha en flott helg!

  4. I really like the headband. I am going to have to try making one of those. I hate to wear winter hats, but maybe one of those would work for me.

  5. We love Spiderwick too, although we've yet to see the movie.

    Those socks look so cozy!

  6. The photos are amazing! And those socks are so comfy and pretty!

    Word of advice... I really really loved the Inheart series (actually I'm reading Inkdeath right now). A couple weeks ago I rented the movie Inkheart and was extremely disappointed. I won't say anything until you see it. But I might have gone into the movie with too high expectations... so hopefully I'm just setting the bar for the movie really low for you so if/when you do see it you might like it!

  7. Vilka fina o smarta vattenflaskväskor! Måste nog göra en likadan.
    Ha det fint uppe i norr!

  8. Beautiful rainbows! Love the socks, calorimetry and water bottle slings as well.

  9. The bottle slings are genius! I need to make my kids some

    I've been interested in getting the Inkheart series for my kids to read for some time, I think I'll go check the library tomorrow

  10. heisann.. jeg leste en kometar du hadde lagt igjenn i en annen blogg, du hadde noen med melke og egge allergi, for å lage vafler da kan man bruke oppbløtte linfrø som bindemiddel :) bare ett lite tips! :)

  11. Kjempesmart med sånne hårbånd, det har ikke slått meg en gang! Kanskje jeg endelig finner noe å bruke alt restegarnet til nå. ;)

    Sokker er under planlegging da, må se og få begynt på dem snart.


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