Friday, September 4, 2009

Into the Wilderness

My knitting mojo has been lost this week... I've hardly touched the needles, because I've been totally lost in the book Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. It's the first book in a serie of six. And I can't wait for my order from amazon for the rest ;)

It is December of 1792. Elizabeth Middleton leaves her comfortable English estate to join her family in a remote New York mountain village. It is a place unlike any she has ever experienced. And she meets a man unlike any she has ever encountered--a white man dressed like a Native American, Nathaniel Bonner, known to the Mohawk people as Between-Two-Lives. Determined to provide schooling for all the children of the village, she soon finds herself locked in conflict with the local slave owners as well as her own family. Interweaving the fate of the Mohawk Nation with the destiny of two lovers, Sara Donati's compelling novel creates a complex, profound, passionate portrait of an emerging America.

mini swap

And I've received some great packages in the mail this week :) First my 3rd package in a little envelope swap from Rowlesgirl. And a book swap from kyrasmom. Beautiful yarn from Knit Picks and a Terry Pratchett book ;) Can't wait to read it.

book swap

Have a great weekend everyone! There might be som knitting during the weekend and maybe some finsihed projects to show off next week ;)


  1. I have read and thoroughly enjoyed all of the "into the wilderness" series. Lots of fun reading for you to look forward to this fall/winter. The books are long but so much fun.

  2. Those swap packages look like so much fun! I'm sorry you've lost your knitting mojo... Mine reappeared at the beginning of the week- and was replaced by the 7th Harry Potter book! It happens! ;)

  3. That book sounds fascinating! What wonderful packages. Lucky girl! Sounds like you've had a great week :).

  4. That does sound like a good book. Your packages look wonderful! How fun to get something besides bills in the mail! Let me know what you think of "Wyrd Sisters".

  5. Found you from the rav group about blogging. Love the yarn. I can't even FIND my knitting mojo. I am really slow at it so I crochet instead. :) Although I'm about to frog a major project and start over.

  6. I have to get a copy of that book, it looks good!

  7. I'm browsing through your blog (which I really like!) and came upon this post. I really liked these books too. They take place not too far from where I live. Thanks for your comment in my blog. It's fun to see who is reading. I'll be back!


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