Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner on the muurikka


The sun peaked out today, so there was no doubt - on with the
rucksack and straight to the forest :)

tur 2

The highest mountaintops have gotten a new layer of snow...

tur 3

And the bog has dresses herself in her fall dress. And as you
can see, it didn't take long before the rainclouds gathered again...

tur 4

Endre and I are usually the last man up...

tur 5

But that's ok, because we have the keys ;)

tur 7

Today did we out our muurikka and fried some meat for dinner.
With boild rice made at home it become a great meal!

tur 8

tur 9

After dinner it was time for a small expedition.

tur 10

We found a lair. Maybe a fox or a hare have been living here..?

tur 12

We managed to come back to the lean-to before a heavy rainfall hit us.
Then it's good to be able to close the door and have it warm and cosy inside :)

tur 13

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  1. Ser ut som en flott tur!
    Det er så flott å gå i høstfjellet og se på snøen på de høyeste toppene ;) Og så bare gå og glede seg til snøen kommer lengre ned :D


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